What’s Priyanka’s Eco-Style Statement?

      What's Priyanka's Eco-Style Statement?   Priyanka Chopra has started a new eco-friendly initiative. We have often heard of celebrities being extremely conscious about their looks and spending money to make a style statement and grab eyeballs. But here is someone who is making a start towards reversing this trend and for the good. Priyanka Chopra along with her stylist Ami Patel has started a campaign on social media platform called- #itscooltorepeat.

“Primarily started with a very noble thought in mind, Priyanka feels there are many reasons why it’s cool to repeat and one of the biggest reasons being its eco-friendly. This way we in the smallest way possible help protect nature. Recycling and reusing helps a lot to save the environment as we work towards reducing waste and making optimal use of resources,” says a close friend of the actress.

Most importantly youngsters usually ape stars or icons they look up to. Fashion is something every youngster follows. And it is very unfair to have this pressure of not being able to repeat clothes or accessories.

Keeping this noble cause in mind, PC started a campaign on her twitter page wherein she urged her fans to come up with cool, innovative and fun reasons for why it’s cool to repeat under the hash tag- itscooltorepeat.

PC pioneering the way towards a very important and unique cause has already started following what she is preaching. She has been repeating some of her favourite shoes and bags.

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