Who Is Salman Khan?: Pamela

Hollywood star Pamela Anderson, who entered the reality show Bigg Boss as a celebrity guest, is clueless about its star-host Salman Khan and says she is not an ardent fan of such programmes.
Who Is Salman Khan?: Pamela“I am not a fan of reality shows. I love traditional shows like Baywatch,” she said before entering the Bigg Boss house at Lonavala, a hill station about 125 kms from Mumbai.

The 43-year-old actress, who shot to fame as CJ Parker on popular TV series Baywatch, also admitted she doesn’t know who Salman Khan is.
“I have heard about Salman through media. I have seen a few Bollywood films, but I don’t remember any of the actors by their name. Maybe, if I see him I will be able to recognise him (Salman),” she said.

Anderson, who was wearing an Ashley Rebello-designed white saree, said she has not seen any of the episodes of the reality show, which went on air last month. Khan will be meeting the actor for the first time on Friday, the day she leaves the Bigg Boss house.

She will be locked in the sprawling house under round-the-clock surveillance of multiple cameras for three days with nine other contestants.

“I am very excited about the show. I will be just myself and have fun with the contestants in the house,” said Anderson. “I will miss my two kids when I will be locked in the house. I can’t stay without them,” she added.

Anderson has not heard about her co-contestants and has been given a small write up on those locked in the house.

“I am going unscripted on the show,” she said, adding that she is ready to do all the house-hold chores. “I like doing household work. I do it at my place so I have no issues with it.”

During her brief stay, Anderson will demonstrate ways of purifying water to her co-contestants.


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