Who Is Salman’s Dream Girl?




Who Is Salman's Dream Girl?He may be Bollywood’s enfante terrible but when it comes to marriage, Salman Khan is rather conservative. He may live his life on his own terms but he wants his dream girl to be a home maker. Salman, who is known for his nonchalant forthright attitude holds family values in high respect. “In today’s times when family values have become trivial and human bonding is breaking down, everyone must remember that a man is successful only if he has good family values,” Salman told a leading news daily, adding, “I will be a finished man tomorrow if I do not respect what my family wants. Family is the biggest support system you have.”
Sallu has always claimed that if he had found the right girl, he would’ve married her at the age of 17. So what is his dream girl like? “I want someone who is very efficient with good qualities of a homemaker.”



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