Why Priyanka, Shahid Will Never Patch Up


Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra have been the media’s favourite couple for a while but now it seems that not only has the couple broken up but will probably never get back together. It seems that recent reports of Shahid being rather upset over the fallout and trying for a patch-up have not gone down too well with the star. In fact, the actor has been completely out of touch with his ex-lady and has not even seen her critically acclaimed film Saat Khoon Maaf.

Why Priyanka, Shahid Will Never Patch UpThe truth is that they will never get back together and it’s all over between them. They broke off in the first week of February and after that Shahid has neither called Priyanka nor has he sent her an SMS. Shahid called his friend to find out how the reports are coming in the media since he had broken off with her in the first week of February itself,” a source said. The couple have reportedly had several breakups and patch-ups and have compatibility issues as they’re two very different people. “While Shahid is a very protective and private person as far as his relationships go, Priyanka is outgoing and casual,” the source said.
The two apparently had a major fight in November but decided to give it one last chance, following which the duo was seen on the television show Koffee with Karan, sharing great chemistry, even betraying their relationship to an extent. Come New Year’s Day and Shahid decided to surprise the actress and spend the eve with PC and her family. Shahid was there by Priyanka’s side even during the infamous income tax raid at her house. However, eventually things started souring between the two and it seems somewhere around February, they had had enough. “In the first week of February Shahid decided that he had had enough and so he called Priyanka and told her that it was not working out between them. There were various issues like compatibility, commitment, and the fact that it was just not working out. So, he decided to call it off after putting in so much effort,” said the source close to Shahid.
The two have done an advertisement for a coffee together and now they will even be working together in a film by Kunal Kohli, so things could get murky. However, it may be good for the film as Shahid delivered one of his biggest hits with his ex-girlfriend Kareena after their breakup, right Shahid?



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