Women eyeing products like motorcycles, cigars, cufflinks made ostensibly for men

NEW DELHI: There’s something men have known for sometime. If there’s anything in their wardrobe that a woman can wear, she will. And now brands in India are discovering that this female fetish for male style has come out of the closet, as it were. Women are increasingly eyeing products made ostensibly for men – motorcyclescigarscufflinks, even those strong fragrances you thought were so manly. An international menswear brand was wondering why its 28-30-inch trousers and shorts for men in bright colours were disappearing so fast from the shelves, given that the shape and size of the average Indian male isn’t that, well, streamlined. That’s when the realization dawned that they were in fact being bought by women. To be sure, this is something that’s been prevalent for a few years now overseas. 

For instance, Italian label Corneliani sells a number of men’s cashmere overcoats, scarves and mufflers to women. There are various reasons why women buy men’s stuff. Some buy it for the bulk, while for many others wearing a watch with a big dial, riding a Harley-Davidson or wearing the musk is all about the adrenaline rush and making a power statement. The trend is just being noticed in India and there are no statistics available to suggest how much women buyers are contributing to sales in the overall men’s category across product segments. 

Vijaya Rathore, ET Bureau 

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