Pakistani sisters burn pile of cash

Pakistani sisters burn pile of cash

Pakistani sisters burn pile of cash

Islamabad- Two sisters in Pakistan’s Jhelum city withdrew Pakistani Rs.1.7 million (around $16,000) cash from a bank only to set the entire money on fire, a media report said Friday.

The sisters, Naheed, 40, and Rubina, 35, visited a local branch of the National Bank of Pakistan Thursday to withdraw the cash from a fixed deposit account, the Dawn newspaper reported.

“The sisters were handed over the money at about noon. They took the currency notes outside the branch and simply set them afire,” Afzal Butt, a police Officer, said.

According to an eyewitness, when people tried to stop the sisters from burning the notes, one of them took out a pistol and said they had every right to do whatever they wanted to.

The report said the women had deposited Rs.2.8 million with the bank about a year ago after selling the property they inherited from their father Raja Muhammad Iqbal.

According to police, the sisters were unmarried and resided separately from their two younger brothers.

All the siblings were allegedly suffering from mental ailments, the report said.

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