Canadian PM Justin Trudeau maintains advantage in wake of budget deficit announcements: Nanos Poll

THE first week in the wake of the government announcing a budget deficit higher than estimated during the election has had no negative impact on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, according to Nanos Weekly Leadership Tracking.

More than one of two Canadians (53.5%) prefer Trudeau as Prime Minister, while 13.9% prefer Conservative Leader Rona Ambrose, 10.9% prefer NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, and 5% prefer Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, and 15.9% were unsure.

Qualities of a Good Political Leader – Asked a series of independent questions for each federal party leader, 71.7% thought Trudeau had the qualities of a good political leader while 53.3% thought similarly of Mulcair. About one of three Canadians (32.4%) thought Ambrose had the qualities of a good political leader and 38 % thought the same of May.

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