Increase In Canadian Visas For Indians

Canada has maintained its position as one of the most favoured destination for Indian students, tourists, businessmen and those seeking to start the new life with more than 130,000 visas issued last year.

According to the latest figures released by Immigration Minister Chris Alexander, over 14,000 student visas have been granted while more than 33,000 Indians have attained the Canadian permanent residency.

He also acknowledged and praised Indian immigrants contribution in Canadian development. He said, “Tens of thousands of Indians continue to make the journey to Canada every year to help us build our country, our economy and, in many cases, to settle permanently and become Canadians,” he explained.

“The government has been making changes to facilitate legitimate travel, welcoming more visitors, businesspeople and students to Canada than ever before,” he added.

Introduced in December 2011, the supervisas have contributed significantly to the increased number of visas stamped by the Canadian embassy. The speed and convenience of the supervisas have made them a popular choice for the parents and grandparents who want to spend longer time with their families.

By the end of February 2014, the Canadian authorities had issued more than 31,000 supervisas with almost 97% of applicants qualifying for the visa. The number of Indians attaining permanent residency has also increased by 17% since 2008.

“Our government is proud to announce that Canada continues to attract visitors, students and business travellers from India. The impressive scale of visitor visas and study permits granted to travellers from India is an indication of the strong ties that exist between our two great nations,” added Alexander.

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