Health benefits of having zucchini

Want to knock off calories? Then, include zucchini in your diet. The vegetable, 100 gm of which approximately has 18 calories, helps in weight management.

That’s not all. The fibrous vegetable also has other health benefits that we list below…

– Zucchini is high on water content and it helps remove puffy bags around the eyes. Like cucumber, keep a slice of the veggie on your eye to help reduce swelling.

– The vegetable is high in Vitamin C, which protects your cells from free radicals. Having raw or grilled zucchini every day also helps your immune system.

– The potassium and magnesium found in zucchini also help lower blood pressure. This further relieves stress.

Consume it every day in a liquid form this summer as it can prevent dehydration.

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