5 tips for yoga beginners

By Krutika Behrawala,TNN

Are you keen to start practising yoga at home but don’t know how to start? Here are some tips…

Fix a time: First of all, make it a habit to practise yoga at a fixed time though you are doing it at home. This could be an hour just after you wake up or in the evening. Fixing a time will get you in a habit of doing yoga exercises every day without fail.

Select your space: If you are doing yoga at home, there are chances you might be disturbed at activities of your family members, constant ringing of doorbells or telephone, etc. Choose a private corner where you will not be disturbed or come in the way of your family.

Start small: If you are a beginner, start with easy-to-do yoga poses or stretching exercises. Even doing yoga for 20 minutes initially, including pranayam can go a long way in building your core.

Research: If need be, take up a yoga class for a month or call a yoga teacher at home to learn all the exercises. You can then practise them on your own. Otherwise, opt for yoga DVDs for lessons.

Set the mood: Yoga is also about finding inner peace. So, set the mood at home by dimming the lights and putting on soft music in the background that will motivate you to practise yoga.

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