Why is yoga important for healthy living?

By Trina Remedios,Health Me Up

Power yoga and Bikram yoga are popularly followed for weight loss. But there is more to yoga says wellness expert, Santosh Kumar. He goes on to explain the benefits and types of yoga.

Santosh Kumar from, shares his point of view on the principles of yoga, “There is only one Yoga from my point of view, but there are eight branches of yoga.”

1. YAMA: Discipline and self-control

2. Niyama: Rules and restriction

3. Asana: Positions

4. Pranayama: Breathing

5. Pratyahara: Includes all the above aspects with internal yoga

6. Dhyana: Meditation

7. Dharna: Concentration

8. Samadhi: Absorption

He says, these are the paths or rules to nirvana, “When you follow these you will achieve the ultimate goal. But in present times very few people follow this path.”

Besides these principals, there are different parts of yoga that also improves your well being.

Hatha Yoga: The benefits of hatha yoga is that it keeps you physically fit and makes you aware of your breathing.

Raj Yoga: It incorporates exercise and breathing practices with meditation and study making it ideal for healthy living.

Jana Yoga is associated with wisdom and it is one of the best forms of yoga.

Bhakti yoga is a practice which makes you an ultimate devotee of God.

Karma yoga is based on your day-to-day life, which makes you active in today’s scenario.

Tantra yoga is a way of showing unseen consciousness through specific words, diagrams, and movements. And the last part of yoga is Kashmiri Shaivism, that is rising above your limits.

Santosh Kumar concludes that in order to be happy, free and in good health, just take a deep breathe. “Try and do 30 minutes of deep breathing everyday as this will help you cope with stress.”

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