Faster Immigration gets people here just in months, cuts backlog by 40%: Immigration Minister

Claiming that faster immigration into Canada now was getting people here just in months, immigration minister Jason Kenney said on Tuesday that quick approval has resulted in a 40 percent reduction in the backlog of applications since 2008.

“Backlogs and delays prevent Canada from attracting the best and brightest from around the world and ensuring that our immigration system is contributing to economic growth and long-term prosperity,” the minister said.

Kenney said, “For too long, we accepted far more applications than we could process each year. That led to backlogs increasing every year and processing times of eight to ten years in some cases, which discouraged talented, dynamic people from coming to Canada.”

According to the immigration minister, much of the reduction in the backlog of applications came in 2012  because of the Action Plan for Faster Immigration put in place in 2008 when Canada missions cut new applications so that the huge backlog could be cleared.

The minister says if Canada had continued accepting new applications for immigration, the backlog would have crossed 2.2 million by 2015.

But because of the Action Plan for Faster Immigration, the backlog of applications will only be one-fifth of what it would have been in 2015 if this plan had not been reduced.

According to the minister, Canada is committed to transforming its immigration system so that people with the right skills are recruited to meet Canada’s labour market needs. The new measures fast track their applications and get them working in Canada in a period of months, instead of years.

“We still have work to do, but by taking clear and decisive action to deal with backlogs, we will attain our goal of having a fast and flexible immigration system,” the immigration minister said.

“Newcomers will arrive with skills and talents that are in short supply in Canada and contribute to our economy. The immigration system must work for Canada, which is why we will continue to reduce backlogs and speed up the system, so that people spend less time waiting and more time participating fully in the Canadian economy.”

Canada admitted 257,515 new immigrants in 2012, with Indians numbering anywhere between 30,000 and 35,000. Further, the number of Indian students studying in Canada has also jumped from 4,000 just three or four years ago to over 22,000 now.

Applications for various categories open in May.


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