Federal Infrastructure Investments Across Canada and in Metro Vancouver

Defence Infrastructure

In November 2014, the Department of National Defence received $452 million for the repair and upgrade of Canadian Armed Forces facilities. Revitalized defence infrastructure across Canada will provide the Canadian Armed Forces with the facilities they need to provide support to troops, military families and Reserve forces, to support operations at home and abroad, and to ensure the health and safety of our men and women in uniform.

The Department of National Defence has identified an opportunity to perform a number of improvements at its aging armouries across Canada. Over the next two years, $135 million will be invested in projects to repair roofs, siding, plumbing, and heating and ventilation systems.

The Government estimates that accelerated investments will also support the creation of over 10,000 jobs in communities across Canada, by the end of 2016.

The Lt. Col. J.P. Fell Armoury (JP Fell Armoury)

The Lt. Col. J.P. Fell Armoury, located at 1513 Forbes Ave, North Vancouver, was erected in 1914 as a drill hall by the Engineer Branch of the Department of Militia and Defence. A straightforward utilitarian construction, it represents well the then-current attitude toward reform in the militia, providing generous drill space together with classrooms and armouries. Its functional design, little altered, grew directly from a mandate to provide greatly expanded militia training facilities at a time of tremendous local and national growth. Its characteristic features of brick, timber and steel construction balanced intrinsic functionality with a dignified public face to its neighbourhood.

The armoury is home to 39 Combat Engineer Regiment, an Army Reserve engineer regiment of 39 Canadian Brigade Group (39 CBG) garrisoned in North Vancouver, Chilliwack, and Trail, B.C. The Regiment is responsible for generating reserve engineer soldiers that augment Canadian battle groups overseas, and support civilian authorities during times of domestic emergency and security. The regiment was created in May 2008 and amalgamates all independent field engineering squadrons of the 39 CBG. There are four Army Cadets unit affiliated to the 39 CER.

The Beatty Street Armoury (Beatty Street Armoury)

The Beatty Street Armoury, located at 620 Beatty St., Vancouver, was built in 1933. The outside of the building was done in an Art Deco style and is listed as a Registered Federal Heritage Building.

The armoury is home to the British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught’s Own), an Army Reserve armoured reconnaissance regiment of 39 CBG. The Regiment continues its tradition of service to Canada through the generation of reserve armoured soldiers that augment Canadian Battle Groups overseas, and support civilian authorities during times of domestic emergency and security. The British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught’s Own) originated in Victoria, British Columbia on 12 October 1883, when the ‘British Columbia Provisional Regiment of Garrison Artillery’ was authorized to be formed.

Seafourth Armoury (Seaforth Armoury)

The Seaforth Armoury, located at 1650 Burrard St., in Vancouver, was built in 1936. It is a Designated Federal Heritage Building, and is a good example of the Scots Baronial style. It incorporates many medieval features with details reflecting the regiment’s Scottish roots.

It is home to the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada is an Army Reserve infantry regiment of 39 CBG garrisoned in Vancouver, B.C. at the Seaforth Armoury. Seaforth Highlanders have served in every major Canadian overseas mission, both as peacekeepers and warfighters. Seaforth Highlanders have served in Egypt, Cyprus, the Golan Heights, Namibia, Croatia, and Bosnia. Today, approximately half of the Regiment’s members have served in Afghanistan.

Bessborough Armoury (Bessborough Armoury)

The Bessborough Armoury, located at 2025 West 11th Ave., Vancouver, was built in 1933, and is a Recognized Federal Heritage Building. It is closely associated with the development of Canada’s militia regiments during the interwar years. It is of an Art Deco style and is the only large example of its type in Canada.

The armoury is home to 15th Field Artillery Regiment of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery, an Army Reserve Artillery Regiment of 39 CBG and 3rd Canadian Division. The regiment was created in 1920. Members of the Regiment have served on United Nations peacekeeping operations in Germany, Egypt, Cyprus, Croatia, Bosnia, Haiti, and most recently with NATO forces in Afghanistan.

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