Gang-Related Arrests & Searches Yield Close To $400,000 In Drugs

A variety of drugs, totaling close to $400,000 in wholesale prices, have been seized and three men arrested following a Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of BC (CFSEU-BC) investigation into the alleged gang-related activities of members of the Langley-based “856” gang.

In early July 2014 CFSEU-BC launched an investigation into the alleged drug trafficking activities of several 856 gang members. On the afternoon of July 22nd, CFSEU-BC arrested one man outside of an apartment building in the 4600 block 236th St in Langley. A search of the man resulted in officers seizing significant quantities of both cocaine and methamphetamine.

While officers were on scene, two other suspects in the investigation arrived in a vehicle. One of the men was arrested and the other fled on foot, before being caught several hours later by an RCMP K9 unit with the help of RCMP Air One and the Langley RCMP.

On July 23rd, with the help of the Langley RCMP, CFSEU-BC detectives executed a search warrant on an apartment inside a building located in the 4600 block 236th St, Langley. Upon entry, it was evident that the apartment was not lived in. After finding large quantities of drugs and drug-related items, including a 20-ton press used for re-pressing kilogram bricks of cocaine after it is “cut” (diluted) with “buff” (a cutting substance), officers believe that the suite was being used as a drug processing and repackaging facility.

In addition to $5,464 cash and the 20-ton press, the total amount of drugs seized, including the estimated wholesale prices in parentheses, is:

  • Cocaine: 2.514 kg ($150,000)
  • Methamphetamine: 3.846 kg ($100,000)
  • Heroin: 522 g ($55,000)
  • Oxycontin: 123 tablets/pills ($3,700)
  • Cocaine cutting agent/buff: 44.062 kg ($80,000)

The three men arrested, aged 23, 25, and 47, were all interviewed by police and released from custody pending charges. All three are believed to be high-ranking members of the 856 gang.

“This seizure represents a significant quantity of drugs that will now not make it onto the streets and into the hands of some of the most vulnerable people in our communities,” says CFSEU-BC spokesperson Sergeant Lindsey Houghton. “By taking quick enforcement action against a group known for their violence across British Columbia and beyond, we have made a serious impact on their ability to further victimize people and make our communities safer.”

Named for the phone prefix in the Aldergrove area, the “856” gang is a violent criminal group made up of members and associates living and operating in the Lower Mainland and as far away as Fort St John, the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Alberta, and even Ontario. They have been in existence for close to a decade and have been featured in local and other media for their involvement in assaults, drugs, weapon-related, property-related, and other types of crimes.

CFSEU-BC would like to thank the RCMP’s Lower Mainland District Integrated Police Dog Services Unit and Air One traffic helicopter crew, the Langley RCMP, and the Surrey RCMP for their help and contributions to the investigation.

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