Governor General of Canada calls for joint education alliance with India

Governor general of Canada David Johnston called for collaboration between India and Canada through education. 

After touring the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay campus, Johnston said, “India tends to simplify things and produce innovations that are cost-effective. Creating a strong innovation culture requires us to communicate closely. And I think that all of you are representative of a way in which we can collaborate better together—through education.” 

The Canadian governor general spoke on “Driving Economic growth through Innovation”. Answering a query on ‘What makes a great leader?’, he said a leader is the one who allows each team member, who may or may not have been chosen by him, opportunities to reach his/her potential. He interacted with students and faculty members and answered queries on issues ranging from encouraging entrepreneurship in academic institutions to the importance of formal education and collaborating with Canadian institutions for students’ exchange. 

Earlier in the day, IIT-B director Devang Khakhar said, “IIT-Bombay has collaborations with several Canadian institutions and since January, representatives of four Canadian institutions have visited us.” 

Johnston visited the institute’s Industrial Design Centre, where products like cooking gas stove for the visually challenged, solar cooker that can be used as a microwave, and projects like affordable housing, made by the students and faculty members, were displayed. 

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