Why Indo-Canadian woman Gurpreet Ronald killed Jagtar Gill

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]ORONTO: More details are emerging about 34-year-old Indo-Canadian woman Gurpreet Ronald who has been arrested and charged with stabbing to death fellow Indo-Canadian woman Jagtar Gill from her neighbourhood in south Ottawa.

The killing took place on January 29 which was the victim’s  17th wedding anniversary. Jagtar Gill’s blood-splattered body with stab wounds was found  on the floor of the family’s living room by her daughter Dilpreet, who had gone out for shopping with her father.

After two months of investigations, police arrested Gurpreet Roanld on April 8.

According to Ottawa Citizen, four days after stabbing Jagtar Gill to death, Gurpreet Ronald posted her condolence on the victim on her facebook page.
“My prayers and my thoughts are with the Gill family,’’ wrote Gurpreet Ronald whose maiden surname is Brar.

Initially, police investigators thought it was a random act. But as they investigated further, they found it was a planned act.

Investigators concluded that it was an attack in anger as the victim’s wrists and throat had been cut and blood splattered on the walls of her home.

It is not known how Gurpreet Ronald became a suspect. But when police started questioning her, she didn’t cooperate. So, she was called to police station on Tuesday and asked to give her blood sample. She was immediately arrested.

Both Gurpreet Ronald and her husband Jason Ronald are employed as bus drivers with the city’s OC Transpo. The victim’s husband Bhupinderpal Gill is also employed as a driver in the same company. This has given rise to suspicions of a romantic link between the two.

Gurpreet’s marriage to Jason Ronald was reportedly having problems. Further investigations will throw light on this angle.

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  1. jaswant

    why she killed jagtar gill. gurpreet got married to her choise

  2. jaswant

    why she jealous with jagtar gill. gurpreet was married to her own chiose man


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