There is no room for hatred in the streets of Calgary

Now, here’s what I don’t get.

You live in a crap hole.

A dusty, hot, nasty place where plumbing is optional and violence is mandatory.

Your political leadership is quantifiably insane.

When you flip a switch in your home, there’s a good chance the light won’t come on because the politicians in charge of your country are so mad at the country next door, they won’t allow fuel to be shipped through it.

That’s right. The energy to power your home is readily available … but your politicians won’t let it get to you.

And oh, yeah – those same politicians store military hardware like rockets in your houses of worship, hospitals and schools. And then they fire those rockets at the country they’re mad at next door, a country infinitely more powerful than the sliver of land you live on.

The country they’re mad at isn’t made up of monsters, even though they’re portrayed that way in your schools. In fact, money from the United Nations has been used to create school materials lauding attempts to exterminate the folks next door.

When the people next door decide to retaliate by shooting artillery at the caches of weapons your politicians are lobbing at them?

They phone you first, or drop leaflets, telling you that they’re going to drop artillery rounds in your neighbourhood and maybe you want to beat feet and get out of Dodge for a few days.

But of course your politicians tell you to stay, to shield their weapons – that invite the artillery fire onto your head – with your body.

Of course, you can’t actually prevent a howitzer shell from taking out a weapons cache with your body. What your government is telling you is that they want you to die so they can carry your corpse through the street, thus inciting the weak-minded around the world to hate the country that killed you.

Even though it’s pretty clear, even to the weak-minded, that if you stopped shooting at them … they’d quit shooting at you. That trade would blossom. That civility might break out and with civility, a civil society.

And what makes it worse, it’s all your fault because you elected this parliament of fools lobbing missiles at your powerful neighbour and you knew what you were getting because they pretty much spelled it out beforehand.

Now say you’re lucky enough to leave that part of the world and arrive in the promised land.

You come to Calgary.

Do you:

1) Thank whatever deity you believe in that you got out and left all that crap behind? Look around you, compare the nature of Canada, a democratic, pluralistic society, with the country you were raised to hate back in Gaza? And figure out that maybe the values that give you prosperity and freedom and happiness here are not the values of hate you were raised with?

2) Keep on hating and when you get the chance, beat some Jews and their friends on the street of Calgary in an blundering attempt to re-enact Kristallnacht?

If you answered “2” you’re one of the low-life bullies who attacked pro-Israeli demonstrators on the streets of Calgary July 18.

You brought your filthy mindset of hatred into our streets.

And is it wrong to suggest that you’re uneducable and and maybe if that’s how you roll, can you get the hell out of my country? At the very least, if these animals are identified, can we charge, convict and – if they aren’t citizens – deport them back to where they came from?

Because we shouldn’t have to explain to people that we don’t punch women. We don’t attack people because they’re wearing a Star of David on their shirt. We don’t bite people we disagree with.

Yeah, you read that right. One of the people attacked by these new-age Nazis arrived at hospital with a bite mark.

One of the organizers of the anti-Israel protest told the Sun if the police had been there, there would have been less potential for violence.

This may be Civics 101, but in Canada? Most of us manage to obey the law even if there isn’t a cop watching us.

If you can’t abandon your liturgy of hate … could you at least work on that?

~ Ian Robinson [Source]

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