Anti-Sikh 1984 riots: Khalistanis slam Phoolka for seeking ‘symbolic justice’

Human rights lawyer Harvinder Singh Phoolka, who has been fighting for justice to the victims of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, has come under attack from the most unexpected quarters.

A section of Khalistanis, who have kept the issue of 1984 alive in Canada, have started criticising Phoolka on social media for seeking ‘symbolic justice’ to the victims of anti-Sikh massacre.

They are also planning to protest against Phoolka at an event being organised to honour him in Surrey’s Aria Banquet Hall this Saturday.

Phoolka’s supporters are worried.

In a TV interview during his visit to Toronto, Phoolka had suggested that since the time for full justice to the victims has already lapsed, at least the ‘symbolic justice’ be served by punishing a few Congress leaders involved in the crime.

He can be heard saying that if that does not happen, it will reflect very badly on a country that is known as world’s largest democracy.

Phoolka’s statement went gone viral on Facebook, inviting some abusive and provocative comments against him.

The Congress and the Akali Dal in Punjab have often accused the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) member of taking support of Khalistanis abroad.

But the lawyer gave a jolt to the secessionists during his last visit to Canada back in 2008. He had resisted attempts to appropriate his struggle by the supporters of Khalistan and had emphasised that he was a proud Indian whose only fight was for justice.

He had also walked out of a Surrey Gurdwara that supports Khalistan.

Phoolka said his statement on the anti-Sikh riots had been taken out of context

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