Delhi-NCR may generate 100,000 metric tonnes of e-waste per year

In the midst of focus on Swachh Bharat sanitation programme, the Delhi and NCR is likely to generate about 1,07,000 metric tonnes (MT) of e-waste per annum by next year from the current level of 68,000 metric tonnes, Assocham said today.

The e-waste per annum in Delhi and NCR region will rise to 1,07,000 MT by next year from the current level of 68,000 metric tonnes, the industry body said in a study.

Factors like poor sanitation, low organised recycling, cross-border flow of waste equipment into India, limited awareness regarding disposal and lack of coordination between various authorities were responsible for the non-involvement of municipalities in E-waste management, it said.

It further said that the US is ranked top acquiring the highest share of exporting e-waste to India, followed by China and EU.

Computer equipment accounts for almost 68 per cent of e-waste followed by telecommunication equipment (12 per cent), electrical equipment (8%) and medical equipment (7%), it added

“Less than 2 per cent of India’s total electronic waste gets recycled due to absence of proper infrastructure, legislation and framework. The country produces approximately 1.3 million metric tonnes of e-waste per annum,” Assocham Secretary General D S Rawat said.

The study also observed that domestic e-waste including computer, TV, mobiles and refrigerators contain over 1,000 toxic material, which contaminate soil and ground water. Exposure can cause headache, irritability, nausea, vomiting, eye pain. Recyclers may suffer liver, kidney and neurological disorders.



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