No Hindus in Minority areas: Arnab’s Fatwa

New Delhi: The Congress is not the only one still struggling to come to terms with the election loss. Some media houses and their editors are in a quandary. This is because unlike the past 25 years this is the first time there is a single party with a full majority.

For “self-styled morality anchors” like Barkha Dutt and Arnab Goswami this is a problem because they are unable to manipulate a party or its alliance partners to concoct news. And since that “communal” party has come to power they have been consistently concocting some fake story or the other to claim extremists are raising their ugly heads. Of course, by “extremists” they obviously mean Hindus in some way or the other. But the blatant and extreme abuse of Hindus and Hinduism that happened on Timesnow on July 25 through Arnab Goswami has established a new threshold for barbaric behaviour by a TV anchor. This scumbag who shouts all the time and accuses others of shouting has embarked on a new mission of inciting communal hatred through his channel.

On July 25 in his debate Arnab raged against the Hindus for 4 issues:

  1. Goa MLA Deepak Dhavalikar said with Modi as PM India could be a “Hindu Nation”,
  2. The Goa Deputy CM Francis D’Souza defended Dhavalikar’s right to his opinion and said it is Hindustan and all are Hindus and that he was a Christian Hindu.
  3. Dinanath Batra who has written some texts seeking “Akhand Bharat” and
  4. Most important a dispute relating to loudspeakers at a Hindu temple in Moradabad which is a predominantly Muslim area.

The anti-Hindu venom-menu was complete. What Arnab unleashed was phenomenal hatred and attempts to somehow imply that it’s Modi and BJP was the culprit behind all these events.

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  1. M.Murli

    His News hour debate has lost it’s earlier charm as now it is more a fish market than a News hour debate. Anyone and everyone can shout each other down. Arnab’s questions are a running commentary in itself but as soon as the panelist try to express his point of view he is cut down by another volley of questions because Arnab likes to hear only what he wants to hear and nothing else. All other explanations are sidetracking the questions. His questions are formulated in such a way that the answers have to be what he wants to hear. It is he who does most of the talking and shouting with the panel members hardly in a position to express their views resulting in the news hour viewers feeling lost at what has actually been discussed. To show that he is not biased, he occasionally badgers his favourites on topics which are not of much national importance but goes hammer and tongs at those who do not find his favour.


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