ISIS video subtitled in Hindi, Urdu and Tamil surfaces online

NEW DELHI: An ISIS propaganda video in English — subtitled in Hindi, Urdu and Tamil — is doing the rounds on the internet. Put out last week, the video features a young Canadian, who identifies himself as Abu Muslim. The man, according to the video, was killed while exchanging fire at Minnigh airport in north Syria.

In an 11-minute long video, Abu Muslim talks in accented English. He first tells the viewer about living comfortably in Canada and earning 2,000 dollars every month as a street janitor and then about converting to Islam six years ago and coming to Syria.

He exhorts others to contribute to the cause in any manner possible. The video’s second half shows visuals from what is claimed to be the offensive on the Minnigh airport, where Abu Muslim was allegedly killed, with a voiceover glorifying the young man, complete with strategic freeze frames.

Uploaded on a popular video sharing website from the channel “Ghaznavi Hindi”, the video was tweeted and posted on Facebook and Twitter by the group Al Isabah Media, which has been sharing several ISIS propaganda videos.

At the time of writing, the video subtitled in Hindi had over 230 views. The one in Urdu had 450 views and the one in Tamil had more than 500. The channel also features a video of a sermon from an Iraq mosque, subtitled in Hindi. The title plate says it is an “Al Isabah presentation.”

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