Sonia Gandhi vows to handle challenge, revive Congress

Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Wednesday continued her attack on the Narendra Modi government, accusing it of imitating schemes introduced by the UPA government.

Addressing the Congress Parliamentary Party meet in the national capital, Sonia asked her party to “resist divisive and authoritarian politics of the BJP government”.

She further said that the moment the BJP behaves in a dictatorial way, the Congress would stand up and fight. Sonia also reiterated her attack on the Modi government over the recent incidents of communal riots.

Another focus of Sonia’s speech was the current status of the Congress party, which she termed as “challenging times”. We have been reduced to an all-time low number in Lok Sabha but the process of rebuilding and restoring confidence of people in Congress has begun. The party president added that the Congress would fight with full might to revive itself.

Gandhi said telling the partymen that the work of Congress is in Parliament, in public forums across the country, in our media and in the streets and homes of ordinary Indians everywhere.

With Congress still not getting the post of Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha apparently weighing on her mind Gandhi said,”but Parliament is not the only forum available to us. If each of us has to be an effective Congressman and woman, we must also work to maintain and strengthen the grassroot connections to the voters that has brought us here.

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