Stray dogs get an exclusive eatery in Rajasthan!

Moved by the plight of stray dogs and inspired by religious beliefs, a group of people in this Rajasthan town has started a unique eatery to feed canines without owners.

Located within the city cemetery ‘moksdham’, the eatery serves cooked food twice a day to the stray dogs — in the morning and in the

The food is served in a separate plate for dogs. Some sweets are also served daily with food.

A councilor in the Barmer Municipal Corporation Bhawani Singh Shekhawat and a dog lover Bhurchand Jain are credited with setting up the eatery.

“In our religious beliefs dogs are given highest priority, but in real life dogs are wandering here and there for food,” Jain said,  explaining the reason behind the cause.

The eatery is being run with donations from the public of Barmer, located about 400 km from capital Jaipur.

“We are getting support from the every section of the society,” Jain added.

In Hindu religious beliefs among all other animals dogs have been given the highest priority.

Pandit Mahesh Shrimali said that according to Hindu belief “food given to dogs saves us from ill effects of the period”.

Mukesh Vadera, owner of a flour mill in Barmer, said that he has been providing flour to the eatery at no cost.

The cook at the eatery is Raju, who runs a small dhaba near the crematorium.

He said that he gives the same attention while cooking food for dogs like he cooks food for humans.

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