A Brimful Of Asha At Tarragon Theatre

Toronto: Tarragon Theatre recently presents  A Brimful of Asha, directed by Ravi Jain, written and starring Asha and Ravi Jain opened at the Tarragon Theatre in Toronto recently and will be on till Feb. 19.

Real-life mother and son, Asha and Ravi Jain, share the stage and tell this true (and very Canadian) story of generational and cultural clash. Asha believes it’s time for Ravi to get married and it’s up to her to help him find a bride. Ravi, however, is not so sure.  He’s just embarked on an exciting new phase in his professional life that means marriage will have to wait – at least for a little while.

Having just graduated from school in Paris, an opportunity that’s impossible to pass up comes his way – a trip to India to work as an artist. Ravi is too naive to see that this is an “impossible-to-pass-up” opportunity for his parents as well.  His parents decide that his trip to India is the perfect time to introduce Ravi to potential brides. Ravi doesn’t suspect a thing, but his mother is determined to marry her son. Ravi knows what he’s up against: a whole way of life cherished by his mother’s generation and those before her. Can we balance respect for the old world and love for the new? Can he remain true to himself and bring Asha some peace?

A Brimful of Asha was developed back in 2010 when Ravi Jain was Tarragon Theatre’s Urjo Kareda Emerging Artist. Working on this story as part of the Playwright’s Unit, Ravi approached Artistic Director Richard Rose, to ask if there was room in the unit for another member: his mother, Asha, who had never worked as a professional artist until that point. Asha and Ravi Jain developed the story collaboratively, to create a heart-warming story of maternal love and the immigrant experience in our modern world.

Ravi Jain is a multi award-winning actor, director, producer, educator, arts-activist and Artistic Director of Why Not Theatre. Currently Ravi is among the 10 resident artists at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts and a member of the DiverseCity Fellows program, which aims to diversify leadership across sectors for the Toronto region.  This past summer Ravi taught alongside Jim Calder, head of movement at New York University’s Graduate Acting Program, teaching commedia dell’arte in Florence, Italy.

Asha Jain grew up in New Delhi, India.  Upon completion of her Master’s Degree, she married in 1974, which led to her immigration to Canada.  While supporting her husband Ramesh in the founding of his own business, she raised two boys, Anurag and Ravi. She is a wonderful mother, wife and now a very funny actor.  She is excited to be sharing this story with the world, in order to finally prove her son wrong.

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