Aligarh Alumni Celebrate Sir Syed Day



Toronto: Nearly 300 Aligarh University alumni  and their families and friends came together recently to celebrate the Sir Syed Day in Toronto. Organized by a core group consisting of Qazi Abdus Salam, Aftab Khan, Ahtasham Rizvi, Ansar Qureshi, Farhat Khan, Feroz Khan, Jamal Nasir, Midhat Kidwai, Mohammad Chishti, Muzammil Hussain,  Nadeem Siddiqui, Naila Saeed Alam, Rizwan Saeed, Saba Nasir, Saeed Faizi, Sama Khalid, Sumbul Hashmi  and Zafar Saeed, the event drew some noteworthy guests like Harinder Takhar, Dr. Reza Moridi.


Minister Harinder Takhar spoke highly of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) and the contributions they have made to the Canadian workforce.   He described various programs of the Ontario Government with particular reference to immigrants.

Dr. Reza Moridi shed light on the historical establishment of AMU and its contribution to the education of Muslims in the Indian subcontinent. He delivered a well crafted speech with lots of statistical data about AMU, probably not known to many. He also elaborated on the historical contributions of Muslims to the field of science and mentioned notable inventions of today’s Muslim scientists. He believed that Muslim scientists and philosophers have started to pick up from where they had left off a few hundred years ago. Dr. Moridi is a Physicist and a politician of Iranian descent.

Preeti Saran, Consul General, recalled the first assignment of her career under a highly accomplished Aligarh-ian, Syed Hamid Ansari sahib, presently the Vice-President of India. Describing the current progress of India and its meteoric  rise in the international arena, she mentioned various fields of India’s development including the invention of the Aakash Tablet.

The program was followed by a ghazal program, presented by a versatile ghazal singer of Toronto, Chandrima and her troupe.


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