Bihar Votes For Development: Nitish

Chief minister Nitish Kumar said Wednesday that the sweeping victory of his alliance was a vote for Bihar’s continued development.

Bihar Votes For Development: Nitish“This is a victory for the people of Bihar,” Nitish Kumar said in his first reaction after his Janata Dal-United (JD-U) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) crushed the opposition in assembly elections.

“The people had a clear choice: do they want development or do they want Bihar to return to its old days…

“The people have decided… we want development. Development has won in Bihar,” Nitish Kumar said in his usual soft tone.

Kumar today termed the victory of his NDA-JD(U) alliance as a victory for development and pledge to work harder in his second innings.

“We have no magic wand, but people’s trust. I will need to work harder than I did in the last five years and I will not hesitate,” 59-year-old Kumar told a press conference in Patna. The poll verdict, he said, would disappoint those doing politics on the basis of caste and the mandate would mark a “new story” in Bihar and have effect outside the state.

“The outcome of the elections also proves beyond doubt that it is a victory for development and for the people of the state,” he said.

In a veiled attack on the RJD-LJP alliance and the Congress, Kumar said, “It is unfortunate that these people have not seen the writing on the wall. The trends are positive and reflects that those making false claims or promises will face the music.”

Without naming RJD chief Lalu Prasad who had criticised the exit polls predicting victory for the NDA, Kumar said, “Media should not be criticised for its projection that NDA will pull off a landslide victory in Bihar.

“People should refrain from unnecessary criticism of the media …. if you live up to people’s aspirations and expectations you will definitely be rewarded,” Kumar said. “Now I feel that the people have thrust on my shoulder more responsibilities and I have to continue to make efforts with full dedication.”

Kumar promised to work hard for the next five years too.

“We will work in the same way, probably we will work harder…I can give one promise. I will not hesitate to work hard.”

He added that political competition should be about who works harder and also said that people who based their strategy on caste calculations have lost.

He congratulated the Election Commission for the successful elections but urged it to show more trust in Bihar saying that the six-phased polls were tough on the state.


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