Britain Warns Pakistan Of Dangers Of Homegrown International Terror

Warning Pakistan that homegrown terror turns itself on the host country ultimately, Britain on Monday asked Islamabad to ensure that it brought the 26/11 perpetrators to justice.

Britain Warns Pakistan Of Dangers Of Homegrown International TerrorBritish Secretary of State for Defence Liam Fox also said it was “dangerous to accept at face value” the terrorists’ claim of being a natural ally, as transnational terrorism was “a cancer that will ultimately eat us all if we allow it to.

“We have to encourage the Pakistan government to recognise that it is their security as well we are talking about. Because those, who use one country to export transnational terrorism to another, will ultimately be willing to unleash it on the host country itself,” Fox said answering questions from strategic thinkers at an interaction.

“It is essential that at every turn we remind Pakistan of its duties and responsibility as a global partner in the fight against transnational terrorism. I have said it repeatedly and Prime Minister (David Cameron) has been very clear on this issue…Pakistan must ensure that those responsible for the outrage in Mumbai are brought to justice,” he said at the Vivekananda International Foundation.

Giving example of Britain’s experience with Northern Ireland, Fox said his country had found a way out by both refusing to give in to the terrorists and by giving a genuine share in prosperity and security to the people of the region.

“We need to get everybody to understand that no one is safe wherever terrorists claim they are a natural ally. That will be a dangerous thing to accept at face value.

“Because transnational terrorism is a cancer that will ultimately eat us all if we allow it. We must be very careful not to give them the comfort of a dividing line between us,” Fox said.

However, he said, it had to be made clear to them in private that they have to do all that is possible to bring the guilty to justice.


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