Cameron Wants Pakistan To Act On British Family’s Murder

            Cameron Wants Pakistan To Act On British Family's Murder      London: Prime Minister David Cameron is putting pressure on the Pakistan government to ensure that justice was done to a visiting British family which was killed in cold blood in Pakistan over the breaking down of an arranged marriage.

Tania Yousaf, 22, and her parents Mohammed, 51, and Parviaz, 49, from Lancashire, died in a hail of bullets from three gunmen in Gujrat district of Pakistan’s Punjab province in 2010, Daily Mail reported.
They were on a visit to Pakistan for the wedding of one of their three sons, but were killed following a bitter dispute over the pending divorce of another, according to police.
As the trio were ambushed by the a machine gun-wielding assailants, Tania was shot in the legs, but managed to run for cover. The shooters tracked her down after killing Yousaf and his wife and then made her speak to her husband before riddling her with bullets.
Police believe the slayings were retribution for the breakdown of a 10-year-old arranged marriage between one of Yousaf’s three sons, Qamar, and his cousin Nabeela.
A few days later, Nabeela’s mother, Rahmat Bibi, and two brothers, Shiraz and Naveed Arif, were arrested in connection with the crime. But the two brothers, believed to have been among the gunmen, fled after they were granted bail and have not been traced yet.
In April, this year, Tania’s grandmother was beaten to death in Gujrat in, what police believe, was a related attack. Now the British prime minister has sought answers from the Pakistan government after two years having passed without any development.
Cameron has said he dispatched delegates from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to step up pressure on the Pakistani authorities over the summer and promised to meet Stephenson, the murdered family’s local MP, when the parliament reassembles in autumn to update him on progress.
The family was in the village of Murirya, paying respects at a relative’s grave site when the assailants struck.

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