Congress Condemns Attack On Kejriwal

Congress Condemns Attack On KejriwalNew Delhi: The Congress, which is facing the brunt of Team Anna’s anti-corruption campaign, Tuesday condemned the attempted attack on social activist Arvind Kejriwal at a public rally in Lucknow, saying the party opposed violence.

Congress spokesperson Rashid Alvi told reporters here that the party had nothing against Hazare and his team members, as it too was against corruption. “We condemn it. We oppose it. We are against attack on anybody,” Alvi said, adding,
“We have said nothing against Anna Hazare or his team members. We are also against corruption, the party is also against corruption and the government is also against corruption.”

Alvi said the party will not give any statement against Team Anna. However, Alvi said the party had a difference of opinion with Team Anna on its campaign against the party without waiting for the winter session of parliament to take up the Lokpal bill.

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