CWG Stadium Sting Dishonest: ABC

CWG Security

CWG Security

New Delhi: Popular Australian TV channel ABC says the sting operation by Channel Seven on an alleged security lapse at the Commonwealth Games main venue Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium was “ridiculous and dishonest”, but the latter has threatened to sue.

ABC’s Media Watch Monday night highlighted loopholes in Seven News reporter Mike Duffy’s report, which received worldwide coverage on the lack of security for the Commonwealth Games.
ABC said that when the “filming was done, full Games security was not yet in operation” and termed the “entire stunt ridiculous and dishonest”. 
Media Watch host Paul Barry alleged that Duffy’s suitcase was empty anyway when he walked into the stadium area and indicated that the reporter manipulated the whole episode.
The Channel Seven crew had conducted a sting operation that was broadcast last week. They had claimed that they were able to walk in carrying a large trolley suitcase having explosives capable of triggering up to 200 explosions if fitted with a detonator. 
The news crew said they were easily able to obtain a detonator and ammonium nitrate from the capital, adding to a slew of allegations that preparations for the mega event had not been up to the mark. 
Soon after ABC report, Duffy said he was “suing ABC TV’s Media Watch for defamation” and are “retaining the nation’s top lawyer in the field, Mark O’Brien.” 
The Delhi Police has also termed the sting operation motivated. 
”It was deliberately planted as the reporter does not even know that ammonium nitrate is a fertilizer and a non-prohibited item for sale in India.” 
”There is no lock down in Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium security as yet. Security will be bolstered with additional deployment after the complete lock down and substantially more during Games time,” police had said at the time. 

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