Diwali Bonus Dena Ho To Aisa!

Diwali Bonus For Employees of Harikrishna Exports

Diwali Bonus For Employees of Harikrishna Exports

Surat: The 1200 employees of  Harikrishna Exports, dealing in diamonds, got the surprise of their lives when the company offered them to pick the Diwali gift of their choice. No, it was not sweets boxes of varying weights, but the Chairman of the Company Savji Dholakia gave them three choices – a car, a flat or jewellery. Around 500 employees opted for brand new Fiat Punto cars, 570 for jewellery and around 207 chose a flat.

“All my dreams have come true only through my workers. A target was set for the artisans and engineers and they have achieved it. This is a big day for the entire Harikrishna family. We are the first company in the world to offer performance incentive valued at around Rs 3.60 lakh to each of the 1,200 diamond workers,” said Dholakia was quoted in a report in the Times of India.

According to Dholakia, this year, the company has paid a total of Rs 50 crore worth of incentive to the workers.

Savji Kaka, as he is fondly known in the diamond circles, is a native of Dudhala village in Amreli district. He came to Surat in the late 70s in search of a job. Without a single penny in his pocket, he went to his uncle and borrowed money to start off the diamond business on a small level. After years of struggle, he established Harikrishna Exports in 1992.

In just two decades, the company has achieved a turnover of Rs 6,000 crore per annum with the total strength of the workers and employees rising to over 9,000 including Surat, Mumbai and abroad.

“The average monthly earning of each of my artisan and engineer is Rs 1 lakh. There is one diamond artisan, who earns Rs 3.49 lakh per month. Artisans are the backbone of our industry and we have set an example by giving them highest wages in the industry,” says Dholakia.

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