India Cannot Prove 26/11 Charges Against Me: Saeed




India Cannot Prove 26/11 Charges Against Me: SaeedJuD chief Hafiz Saeed, mastermind of the 26/11 attacks, on Monday claimed India cannot prove his organisation’s link to the 2008 terror strike and accused the Pakistan government of succumbing to pressure from India and the US. Saeed, who is the founder of the banned LeT which carried out the Mumbai attack, said India had sent a 400-page report to the Pakistani government in an attempt to substantiate its claims but had failed to do so, Saeed said.

India cannot prove JuD’s link to Mumbai attacks, he said.

He accused the Pakistan Government of being “spineless and succumbing” to the pressure from India and the US. Saeed also claimed his organisation had nothing to do with LeT. India calls Saeed the mastermind of the Mumbai attacks and says it has “credible evidence” to prove his involvement in the strike that claimed 166 lives. But, Pakistan says the evidence is not enough to nail Saeed. “Pakistan’s Interior Ministry tried hard to defend the Indian stance but failed. Pakistan is confronted with internal and external challenges and India is benefiting from that. Even the US is now talking India’s talk,” Saeed said.

He claimed that he had written two letters to UN Chief Ban Ki-moon to clarify his position and the working of his organisation. “We had asked Ban Ki-moon to bring our case in an international court and we had stressed that we are ready to appear before the court. The only response we had from him was informing us that he had received our letters,” Saeed said. Denouncing US activities in Afghanistan and Pakistan, he said suicide bombings were a response to drone attacks.



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