‘Indians In UAE Should Respect Local Laws’








'Indians In UAE Should Respect Local Laws' Indians in the UAE have been advised to respect local laws when reacting to developments such as social activist Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement in their home country. The appeal from Indian Consul-General in Dubai Sanjay Verma has come following arrest of three Indians for violating local laws after a group organised a march in Dubai on August 20 in support of the Jan Lokpal bill.

Verma made the appeal to the community members through the Consulate’s Facebook page Tuesday, saying the reaction to some developments in India makes many of us forget that we are in a foreign land. “I take this opportunity to advise my Indian brothers and sisters to once again be cautious and avoid public reactions to issues in India. But, if you feel you need to, then do so acknowledging local laws and other requirements,” Verma wrote.

The Consulate is following the arrests case closely and has been in touch with the three individuals and their families who are undergoing avoidable stress because of this indiscretion, he said.

The local law and legal process will determine the fate of those arrested. “Indians in the UAE are known for their responsible and law abiding nature. Sometimes, an emotive reaction encourages behaviour that falls foul of local laws and sensitivities. I do understand that many Indians here feel strongly about the ongoing protests in India. A simpler way of conveying concerns is by joint petitions. This was, incidentally done, recently by a group of 170 Indians, that signed joint petition has since been forwarded appropriately to Delhi by your Consulate,” he said.


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