KBC Winner Denies Rumours


The India media was flooded with reports of how a British documentary will be made on KBC jackpot winner Sushil Kumar. The reality show star, who won `5 crore on “KBC 5”, was supposedly offered a documentary film to be directed by Chris Tarrant and Keith Strachan. Rumour mills had suggested that film would be shot in the UK and would be based on the KBC winner’s rags-to-riches story of winning the India’s biggest quiz show. Says Sushil from his hometown in Motihari, “I came to know about such a film from newspaper reports. I have just completed shooting a commercial for The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA). I don’t know how such a piece of information made the headlines. Everybody is claiming that I am part of this British documentary. But, I have no idea about such a project. Nothing has been offered to me yet.” If such an offer comes by, will he be interested? “Sure. I will love to do such a project,” he says. Isn’t he apprehensive about his English language skills? “No, that doesn’t bother me. If people with fluency only in Hindi can do a Tamil film and vice versa, why should I have any apprehensions? I am ready to give my best. Recently, on the first day of shooting my commercial, people were not satisfied with my performance. But, on the second day, I gave my best and everybody appreciated the improvement. Acting is not a cakewalk but I am sure my perseverance will bear results.”

What if he has the choice to decide on who could direct a film on his life in India? “I’d like Prakash Jha to direct the movie. His movies are more socio-oriented and I think, he can justify the project well. I am also very impressed with movies by Imtiaz Ali. His “Rockstar” is my favourite,” he concludes.



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