Modi’s Top Ten Priorities

Modi's Top Ten Priorities

Modi’s Top Ten Priorities

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked his ministers to lay emphasis on overall governance, efficient delivery and implementation. Chairing the second meeting of his Cabinet on Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi outlined the top 10 policy priorities for his government. He asked his ministers to fix a timetable of priorities for the first 100 days. Sharing details of the meeting, parliamentary affairs minister Venkaiah Naidu said the Prime Minister will meet his ministers and secretaries separately to discuss all important issues.

The top 10 priorities listed out by Prime Minister Modi, are:

1. Build confidence in bureaucracy

2. Welcome innovative ideas and give freedom to bureaucrats to work

3. Transparency in govt; e-auction will be promoted

4. Education, health, water, energy and roads to be priorities

5. People oriented policy will be govt’s priority

6. Infrastructure and investment reforms

7. System to be in place for inter-ministerial issues

8. Economy’s concerns to be addressed

9. Policies to be implemented in time-bound manner

10. Stability and sustain ability in govt policies

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