Mumbai To Taliban Country, With Love!

Mumbai To Taliban Country, With Love!

Mumbai To Taliban Country, With Love!

New Delhi: Love conquers all, even the fearsome Taliban will not stop a young management graduate from Mumbai who met and fell in love with a girl from Pakistan on the internet, and decided that risking his very life, is what needs to be done to be with his sweetheart. On Nov.4 2012, Hamid Nehal Ansari  took a flight to Kabul eventually to make his way across the rugged border, to reach Pakistan’s lawless region where the object of his desire resided. The urgency was that she had informed him that her family had arranged her shaadi, and unless, he came charging…

Alas, it was not a happy ending. When months passed without a word from Ansari, his mother, Fauzia, took the matter in hand and started approaching security agencies in India, eventually the case went all the way up to the Supreme Court that acknowledged its inability to do anything further.

Hamid was last heard of in Pakistan’s Kohat region, Taliban territory, where he stayed with a journalist working for an Urdu daily after crossing the border around November 10. Indian high commission officials in Pakistan have been unable to trace him thereafter.

After the young man virtually vanished into thin air, his relatives discovered from Facebook posts that he had used the ruse of a job interview in Kabul for a pre-planned journey to meet the girl whom he had met and wooed on the social networking site.

Fauzia is worried that like many Indians who had crossed into Pakistan without valid papers, Hamid could have been arrested and lodged in a prison by the authorities there. The court ordered that a copy of Fauzia’s petition be served on additional solicitor general Indira Jaisingh, who in turn informed the court on the last two occasions that the Indian government was trying its best through diplomatic channels to elicit information about Hamid’s whereabouts in Pakistan.

The journalist from the Urdu newspaper has confirmed to the Indian high commission that Hamid indeed stayed with him for two days and had talked about his friendship with the girl in Kohat. It also transpired that Pakistani security agencies reportedly apprehended Hamid, but the trail went cold thereafter.

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