Muslim Group Launches Family Honour Project


Lonodn, Ontario: The  Muslim  Resource  Centre  for  Social  Support  and  Integration  (MRCSSI) is helping to develop a  Call  to   Action  to  Eradicate  Domestic  Violence  that  was  issued  nationwide  on  November  15,  2011  and  was  a   signatory  to  that  important  document.    As  part  of  their ongoing  work  and  efforts  to  respond  to  that   Call,  we  are  launching  the  Family  Honour  Project.

In press release, the organization stated: “We  are  excited  to  partner  with  the  CeaseFire  Project  of  Chicago,  Illinois,  USA  to  develop  this  new   initiative.  CeaseFire  is  a  unique,  interdisciplinary,  public  health  approach  to  violence  prevention.  This  approach  maintains  that  violence  is  a  learned  behavior  that  can  be  prevented. The  model   prevents  violence  using  a  three-­prong  approach:  Identification  and  detection;  Interruption,   intervention  and  risk  reduction;  and,  Changing  behavior  and  norms.

This  is  a  data-­driven  model  that  uses  a  combination  of  statistical  information  and  knowledge  of  the   community  to  determine  where  to  concentrate  efforts,  focus  resources,  and  intervene  in  violence. The  MRCSSI  will  be  working  with  Mr.  Norman  Kerr,  an  advisor  for  CeaseFire  to  create  a  parallel   initiative in  London. The  Centre  for  Research  &   Education  on  Violence  Against  Women  and  Children,  Faculty  of  Education,  The  University  of  Western   Ontario,  will  be  a  research  partner  in  this  initiative.

This  project  will  work  towards  increasing  and  enhancing  safe  space  for  engaging  in  a  dialogue and will  start  with  a  focus  on  the  Muslim  Community  in  the  London  area. Dr.  Mohammed  Baobaid, Executive  Director, adds, ” But  we  intend  to   share  our  experience  with  communities  across  the  Province  in  the  near  future.”

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