‘No Dilution Of India’s Position On 26/11 Attack’




'No Dilution Of India's Position On 26/11 Attack'India on Thursday said there was no dilution in its position that all those responsible for the Mumbai terror attack should be brought to justice expeditiously and the on-going dialogue with Pakistan will seek to address the country’s terrorism-related concerns. “It is our expectation that all those responsible for the Mumbai terrorist attack will be brought to justice expeditiously. This position is shared by the international community at large, particularly those countries whose nationals were killed during this horrific attack,” the ministry of external affairs said in New Delhi.

Noting that India has embarked on a dialogue process with Pakistan with the aim of normalising relations, the ministry said, “This dialogue will naturally seek to address our terrorism-related concerns, particularly with respect to the Mumbai terrorist attack.” This issue figured prominently in the recently concluded home secretary-level talks as also in various recent interactions with the Government of Pakistan, the official spokesperson said, adding, “Clearly, there is no dilution of our position in this regard”.

The remarks came in response to a question regarding the purported statement made by Pakistani-American terrorist Tahawwur Hussain Rana in a US Court.

Rana, the Pakistani-Canadian accused in the Mumbai terror case, has claimed in court documents that his “alleged illegal acts of providing material support to terrorists — were done at the behest of the Pakistani government and the ISI, not the Lashkar terrorist organisation.” Rana’s disclosures have brought to the fore India’s suspicion that the Pakistani government and the ISI had a role in the 26/11 carnage that left 166 dead.



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