NRI Lady Cop Quits After 848 Sick Leaves




An Indian-origin policewoman in Britain, who took nearly 850 days sick leave due to stress, has resigned. She would “go off sick, return to work and then go absent again”, a media report said. Hina Parekh, 43, took 848 days of sick leave, averaging just five shifts a month on the beat. She claimed that racial abuses from Met police colleagues made her unwell and was signed off with depression and stress.

The Sun reported that senior officers took up her “unsatisfactory” attendance after an audit showed she averaged almost 170 sick leaves a year. She, however, resigned before she could be sacked. “Hina should have been dealt with a long time ago but the force was nervous. “Everyone had to work harder on her relief because she wasn’t there and taxpayers were left picking up her wages. “She’d go off sick, return to work and then go absent again,” a source was quoted as saying. A police insider said Parekh got away with her appalling record for years because bosses feared entangling the Met in another racism row.



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