Obama Stance On India’s UNSC Bid Upsets Pak

Pakistan reacted to President Obama’s endorsement of an Indian seat at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) by saying that the proposal adds to the complexity of the process of reforms at the international body.

Obama Stance On India’s UNSC Bid Upsets PakIn a statement issued by foreign office spokesman Abdul Basit, the Pakistan government said any reform of the Council “that contradicts the very fundamental principles of the UN Charter including the principle of sovereign equality, equal rights, self-determination and the principle of collective security would gravely undermine the system of international relations based on the UN Charter principles.”

Basit said India’s aspirations for recognition as a global power notwithstanding, there are reasons enough to discredit this proposed direction of the process of UNSC reforms such as India’s conduct in relations with its neighbours and its continued violations of Security Council resolutions on Jammu & Kashmir.

“Pakistan hopes that the United States, which contributed immensely to the founding of the UN system and, in particular, its Charter principles will take a moral view and not base itself on any temporary expediency or exigencies of power politics” the statement concluded.

But Pakistan said it was willing to engage constructively with India and collectively work to dismantle terror machines.

“Pakistan is willing to engage with India. Pakistan has constructive approach and we feel collectively we can dismantle these terror machines,” Pakistan foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said as Obama categorically said Washington will not tolerate safe havens for terrorists.


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