Patkar Seeks Freeze On Projects Causing Displacement



Patkar Seeks Freeze On Projects Causing DisplacementBhubaneswar: Activist Medha Patkar Thursday sought a moratorium on all large projects in the country till a new law was enacted on consensus to resolve the displacement-related issues.

She said it was necessary to place moratorium as those already displaced have not yet been rehabilitated and a new law was yet to be enacted following wide consultation.
She said the draft bill on land acquisition and rehabilitation which has been introduced in parliament has failed to recognise the injustices meted out to millions of people who were already displaced due to various projects.
Speaking to reporters in Odisha’s capital Bhubaneswar, the National Alliance of People’s Movement (NAPM) convenor said if the bill was passed in the present form, it will further aggravate the land conflicts, agrarian crisis and impoverishment in the country. “In spite of certain safeguards, it will fuel unprecedented land acquisition in the country, leading to conflicts never seen before,” she said.

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