Pre-divorce Calculator Now Online!

Toronto: The Internet is such a naughtily efficient thing! Now you can even calculate your spouse/child support payment even before the divorce takes place. Experts say that the six weeks before Valentine’s Day is the highest period of divorces and break-ups for Canadians.

Divorce takes an emotional toll on a couple, but has serious financial consequences as well.  Couples thinking about divorce should consider the impact of spousal support and child support payments arising out of any split.

Now Canadians can calculate basic spousal and child support for free online using My Support Calculator (  The new website is the only place where the public can accurately calculate both payments at the same time.

My Support Calculator has seen a sharp increase in the number of people calculating spousal and child support payments in 2012.  The lingering impacts of the financial recession are likely taking their toll on Canadian couples, according to My Support Calculator General Manager, Omar Ha-Redeye.

“A lot of couples wait until after the holidays to reconsider their relationships,” said Ha-Redeye.  “Christmas shopping, family visits, and busy vacations mean that people put their relationship problems on hold until the new year.”

Relationship problems may also arise out of New Year resolutions and greater introspection over direction in life, he claims.  In uncertain economic times people are that much more concerned about how a divorce will affect their finances.

Running a few quick calculations could help people decide that the timing isn’t right for a divorce.  In a best case scenario they may decide to hold off, keeping the relationship intact.  But if that’s not possible the website also provides a directory of local lawyers who may be of assistance.

My Support Calculator is Canada’s only free and accurate calculator capable of handling situations in which both child and spousal support are payable.  The website is owned and operated by MySupportCalculator Ltd., a privately held corporation.

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