Rahul Gandhu accuses BJP of wanting to split India into “two parts”


In a relentless offensive against BJP, Rahul Gandhi on Thursday accused it of playing “divisive” politics, saying the rival party wants to split India into “two parts” unlike Congress which wants a “united single Hindustan”.

Addressing a series of election rallies in Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, the Congress vice-president also said that if BJP were to come to power after Lok Sabha polls the country will fall into the hands of a “select very rich people”.

“If BJP comes to power, the country will fall in the grip of only five to six very rich people,” Gandhi said addressing a rally at Khandwa Stadium in MP in support of sitting MP and Congress nominee Arun Yadav.

At a rally in Korba, he accused the BJP of playing “divisive” politics and said, “We want a united single Hindustan, whereas BJP wants it to divide into two parts.”

Gandhi said like Gujarat, the Chhattisgarh development model too is a “myth” and accused the BJP government of selling farmers’ land to a businessman at a “throwaway” price. He also reiterated his “toffee model” barb against BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and in the same breath attacked Chhattisgarh chief minister Raman Singh over “corruption” in his government.

“Balco (an aluminium major)…was given to a businessman at a very low price during BJP rule…Similarly in Gujarat, Modi sold farmers’ land at the rate of Rs 1 per sq metre which was further sold by that businessman at Rs 800 per sq metre,” Gandhi alleged.

“The way the myth about the Gujarat model is being spread (in the country), the Chhattisgarh model is also the same,” he added.

Congress has fielded its sitting MP and Union minister of state for agriculture and food processing Charandas Mahant from the Korba seat.

Accusing BJP of copying the Congress’s manifesto, Gandhi said, “BJP’s sole aim is to make Narendra Modi the prime minister” and added that BJP will face a crushing defeat like it had faced in 2004 and 2009.

“Congress has brought 15 crore people of the country above the poverty line, (has) ensured right to food, right to work and many other welfare schemes for people. We will also ensure right to health, right to house, right to pension and many others welfare schemes,” he added.

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