‘Ramdev’s Agitation Politically Motivated’




'Ramdev's Agitation Politically Motivated'Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan on Thursday said that Baba Ramdev’s proposed hunger strike against corruption and repatriation of black money stashed in foreign banks, is politically motivated and he would not support the agitation. “Koi support nahin karunga…unka agenda hai…jaise hi koi neta ho jata hai…voh yeh sab karne lagata hai (I will not support him…he’s got an agenda…as soon one becomes a leader…he resorts to such kind of agitation),” Shahrukh said at the release of a theatrical trailer of his upcoming flick Ra.One. “Jo jiska kam ho, usko voh karna chahiye..agar koi neta ban kar karna chahta hai to that is not the right way to raise an issue (One should do what is appropriate for him or her. If anyone is trying to slip into shoes of a politician then that is not the right way to do it.),” he said appealing to youths not to fall prey to corruption.

In the background of the 2G scam and related issues, the actor said current instances of corruption in public life have saddened him. When asked whether he wanted to become a politician, Shahrukh denied it, saying: “Why do you think I am joining politics, why don’t you imagine a neta joining film industry? “I am a selfish person who wants to be admired by his fans and well-wishers in Bollywood and in public at large,” he said adding he does not understand politics.

The superstar said that honest human beings are the sources of his inspiration, adding that mythological characters like Krishna, Drona and even Ravan stood in a different stead because of their control of mind and willpower.



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  1. I really support S Khan on his comment. Ram dev should stand for spiritual activities or leave it and join politics. He trying use his supporters for for personal benefits


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