Rockets Fired Into Kabul During National Assembly


Rockets Fired Into Kabul During National AssemblyKabul: Two rockets were fired Thursday into the Afghan capital as President Hamid Karzai met tribal elders at a national assembly to discuss the future of US military presence in the country, CNN reported.

The rockets landed near a market, injuring one civilian, the Kabul police chief said.
Karzai and tribal elders are participating in a national assembly — or loya jirga — to look into a long-term agreement with the US military and NATO troops in the country.
The president Wednesday said there should be limits to what US and NATO troops could do in his country as the Afghan people were the “lions” in their territory.
“America is powerful, has more money, but we are lions here. Lions have the habit of not liking strangers getting into their house,” CNN quoted Karzai as saying, adding, “We want our sovereignty from today. Our relations should be between two independent countries.”
Karzai said the intended departure of NATO troops by 2014 was “good for Afghans”.

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