Rs. 55.22 Crores Spent On 2012 Olympic Athletes To Date


            Rs. 55.22 Crores Spent On 2012 Olympic Athletes To DateNew Delhi: The sports ministry said Tuesday that it has spent Rs. 55.22 crore so far on the 46 medal prospects for this year’s London Olympics. The amount also includes money spent on four coaches and support staff under Operation Excellence 2012.

The biggest beneficiaries were the gymnasts, who received Rs.89.91 lakh from the funds released so far from the National Sports Development Fund (NSDF). “For imparting customised training to elite athletes, who are medal prospects in the forthcoming London Olympics and other major international sports events, the Sports Ministry has released financial assistance worth Rs. 55.22 crore as on 23.4.2012, from National Sports Development Fund (NSDF) to the 46 sportspersons and 4 Coaches & supporting staff under Operation Excellence 2012,” the sports ministry said in a statement.
The assistance is sanctioned towards extensive training abroad, engagement of personal coaches both foreign and Indian, competition exposures abroad, scientific back-up in terms of sports psychologists, physiotherapists, masseurs, and other activities.

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