Sharad Says Rahul Should Be Thrown In Ganges

JD(U) leader Sharad Yadav on Monday launched an unusually strong personal attack on the Gandhi-Nehru family and said Rahul Gandhi should be thrown away in the Ganges.

Sharad Says Rahul Should Be Thrown In Ganges“These people with the symbol of hand (Congress party’s symbol)…this country and this family, your family has also got fifty years (to govern).

“Motilal, Jawaharlal, Indira Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and now Rahul Gandhi. Right now a new boy (babua) has come. He does it like this,” Yadav said imitating Rahul Gandhi’s style of pulling up his sleeves while making public speeches.

Stepping up attack on Rahul, Yadav, who is also the convenor of NDA, said addressing an election meeting in Fatua, “What do you know. Somebody wrote on the paper and gave it to you and you read it out… You should have been picked up and thrown away in the Ganges. But the people are sick…this country is unfortunate”.


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