South Asian Games Postponed


New Delhi: The South Asian Games scheduled for October 2012 have been postponed till 2013 and all the newly-formed committees were scrapped by the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) at its two-day Annual General Meeting (AGM) that ended here.

IOA acting president Vijay Kumar Malhotra said that the draft of the revised National Sports Development Bill was also discussed during the AGM and has been outrightly rejected by the General Body. 

Malhotra said the South Asian Games were postponed since it was not possible for the athletes to participate in a competition two months after the 2012 London Olympics. 

”The athletes were not happy with the timing of the South Asian Games so we have decided to postpone it till 2013. We were also informed by the state government that accommodation in the capital for the Games would be a problem and considering all the factors we decided not to host it this year,” said Malhotra.

Malhotra also said that the General Body also rejected the proposed new constitution, which was the brainchild of outgoing secretary general Randhir Singh.

”We have decided to reject the proposed constitution because we felt that it needs some revision. A committee will be formed and it will reassess certain clauses in the constitution, particularly those related to the voting rights of the members,” the IOA president said.

Malhotra also added that all the committees that were been formed in the last eight-nine months have been scrapped as well.

”All the committees like the athletics’ commission, the disputes commission etc, have been scrapped. I have been authorised to form new committees and get the approval,” Malhotra said.

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