Stanford Announces Partnership With India’s Jaslok Hospital




Stanford Announces Partnership With India's Jaslok HospitalStanford Medical Centre, an Ivy League institution in San Francisco, and Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre in Mumbai have signed an MoU to study possibilities of cooperation in medical services and training. In the initial phases Teleconferencing Programmes developed by Stanford will provide Jaslok doctors with top class education on “hot topics” to in turn offer best therapeutic options to Indian patients. There would also be opportunities to participate interactively with Stanford presenting and attending faculties. This could be expanded in later phases with visitations by Jaslok doctors to hospitals and clinics at Stanford and its affiliate hospitals in the US.

“I firmly believe that Jaslok Hospital’s multi-speciality doctors will benefit greatly by educational engagement with world renowned faculty from one of US top Ivy league institutions like Stanford Medical Centre,” said Dr. Mukesh Hariawala, Boston based Indian American Cardiac Surgeon, who leads Jaslok’s International Partnerships Development Programme, “At Jaslok, we plan to establish a ‘Centre for Excellence’ in cutting edge medical technologies like Angiogenesis and Stem Cells for Cardiovascular Diseases. Receiving guidance from Stanford would be key to successful execution.”

Leading the Stanford team will be Dr Yann Meunier, Director of Business Development, Stanford International Medical Services, who will oversee the complete development of the teleconferencing series of lectures. “We are delighted with this educational partnership with India’s Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre. The best renowned Stanford faculty will be included in the Programmes,” Meunier said, adding, “We have developed teleconferencing series to which Jaslok Hospital will participate such as Cardiovascular Diseases, the Aging Patient and many more. We also look forward to strengthening the long term relationships with Jaslok Hospital with newer joint programmes in the future which can be shared across different platforms to other participating Asian country partners.”

Hariawala will be the official conduit to collate monthly feedback from all participants at Jaslok and convey to Stanford management for future content and programme development with suggestions that would be of greater value to Jaslok doctors. The initial projects will be related to cardiovascular medicine and geriatric or age related medicine and its associated diseases. The first teleconference session is planned for May. Initially a monthly event it may be expanded to bi-monthly in the second phase at the time of MoU’s renewal after 18 months.



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