Terror Across Border Threatens Afghanistan

Bonn: Hinting at Pakistan, India on Monday said terrorism emanating from outside Afghan borders posed potent threat to Afghanistan and warned that the war-torn country could “slip back” by interference in its internal affairs.

Addressing a conference of over 100 countries here, External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna underlined India’s pledge to support Afghanistan’s development while underlining that the world community’s commitment to ensuring its stability and security should not end after international forces leave that nation in 2014.

Afghanistan “continues to face a potent threat to its security from terrorism and insurgency being fuelled from outside its borders,” he said, in an apparent reference to Pakistan without naming it.

Talking about the proposal for withdrawal of international forces from Afghanistan in 2014, he said there was “a real danger” that there will be “a transition recession; i.e. that attention and aid will decline, just as the Afghan government’s security demands increase.”

Mr. Krishna emphasised the need for averting the possibility “that Afghanistan is let down or made to feel abandoned by, at least in terms of quantity, if not quality,” of international assistance required in the era after 2014.

“We should not make the mistakes of the past and let Afghanistan slip back. We must ensure that Afghanistan’s security is ensured through non-interference in its internal affairs,” he said at the conference being boycotted by Pakistan but attended by world leaders including US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and British Foreign Minister William Hague.

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